Black Ice Removal In Chicago

Black ice is virtually transparent and much harder to see. It’s only black because you can see the pavement surface underneath. Drivers usually mistake black ice for wet pavement, so they’re often totally unprepared to react to the slippery conditions. One study found that driving on black ice was five times more dangerous than driving in normal conditions. 

For black ice to form, certain conditions have to be met. First, there has to be water present. This can be from mist, fog, or even condensation from car exhaust pipes. Heavy rain usually splashes and has swirls and trapped pockets of air and generally freezes. Slowly melting snow is the most likely culprit responsible for the formation of black ice. As the temperature rises the snow melts and the resulting water finds its way into lower areas and eventually settles. As the temperature lowers this water refreezes into crystal clear and dangerous black ice. 

Black Ice can also form on roads if the surface temperature is at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius for our metric friends). This is especially true in the morning when the cold-winter’s-sun (now there’s an oxymoron for you) has not yet peaked out above the horizon to “warm” things up. 

It goes without saying that these conditions are very region-specific. Black ice is very fond of places where the sun doesn’t shine, and can often be found in tunnels and underpasses from water run-off that has frozen overnight. If you have a shaded garage or have a tree hanging over, don’t be surprised to find a patch or two of black ice when you step out to grab the morning paper. 

What Are the Hidden Dangers of Black Ice?

Man slipping & falling on Black Ice in Chicago

Living in the windy city has more than its fair share of perks. We have great food, rich history, magnificent architecture, world-class sports teams, and not to mention the breath-taking Lake Michigan. However, there is one downside to living in Chicago and that’s dealing with the harsh winters and the resulting hazardous conditions that are caused by black ice. NBC5 Chicago reports that black ice causes more than 100 crashes on Chicago roadways yearly. Hundreds of other accidents including slip and fall and property damage are attributed to the hard to see black ice. 

Over the years, Chicagoans have become quite knowledgeable in the science of black ice treatment. One such Chicago-based company is Snow Pushers Chicago. Founded in 2015, Snow Pushers has been Chicago’s choice for snow removal and black ice treatment. Our team of experienced snow removal professionals works around the clock during the winter season to ensure that property and business owners can go about their day with no issues as a result of black ice buildup. 

How Is Black Ice Removed?

The first line of defense in the battle against black ice is rock salt. But, in order for the salt to be effective, any layers of fresh snow need to be removed. The snow removal pros at Snow Pushers take meticulous care in clearing snow. We utilize different methods depending on the size of the area including shovels, plows, and snow blowers. Snow Pushers has the quality and quantity of snow plowing equipment and the professional staff to handle the largest and most demanding sites. We then apply a layer of rock salt to the area, being careful to avoid any grass or foliage. The freezing point of saltwater is lower than that of freshwater so the addition of rock salt effectively raises the temperature of the ice causing it to liquefy. After 15-30 mins, the black ice will melt enough that it will be easy to shovel away or run off if there is a slope.

We pay careful attention to treat black ice on steps and walkways as these are high traffic areas and create a risk. Our skilled de-icing and removal specialists will leave your walkways clear and safe for you and anyone else who accesses your property. We dedicate specific crews and equipment to your property; this results in high efficiency and reliability. Backup equipment and crews are available in the event of breakdowns and blizzard conditions. No matter how big the storm, your property will be cleared, de-iced, and safe for business in a timely manner.

Why Does Black Ice Need to Be Removed?

Chicago Black Ice Removal

First of all, it’s against Chicago’s Municipality Code to allow snow build up to remain stagnant. Section 10-8-180 of Chicago’s Municipal Code states that every “owner, lessee, tenant, occupant, or other person in charge of any building … abutting upon any public way or public place shall…  remove any snow and ice from any sidewalk …” Secondly, it just makes sense from a safety and aesthetics standpoint to have snow and black ice removed from your property. For businesses, black ice can be a nightmare. For malls, restaurants, gyms, and other businesses with high foot traffic, if there is an excess of snow blocking the entryway or black ice buildup, then access will be difficult for your customers. It goes without saying that this is a surefire way to impact business operations and revenues. Fortunately for business owners in Northern Chicago, Snow Pushers is here to assist in snow and black ice removal in Chicago from all types of areas.

What Is The Best Black Ice Removal Company In Chicago?

For over 5 years, Snow Pushers has been providing snow and ice removal to the residents of Chicago in an efficient, affordable, and timely manner. Our experience has led us to understand snow and ice at its very core and the best and most affordable ways to remove it. We keep our prices affordable and competitive to best serve the residents and businesses of Chicago. Want to learn more about our black ice and snow removal services in Chicago? Give us a call at (773) 299-9203 or contact us online to request a free snow and ice removal quote for your home or business. Choose the best Chicago Snow Removal service around when you go with Snow Pushers.