Gangway Snow Removal

Gangways are a feature of Chicago that is virtually exclusive to the area. During the Al Capone era, these dark and narrow areas were used as escape routes by those that were attempting to escape the law or other gang members. Thus, the term gangway was created and used as a naming convention as opposed to standard alleyways. Today, gangway snow removal is necessary for property owners and even tenants. 

Today, Gangways are used by those simply attempting to traverse the city, and for various outlets for utilities like trash collection and roof access. But, for those that own or operate a property or business that is connected to one of these gangways, winter can be a bit of a headache. According to Chicago’s Municipality code, snow removal on public walkways (including gangways) is the responsibility of whoever’s in charge of the property. Business owners, homeowners, and even tenants are all included by name as those that can be considered the manager of the property. To avoid fines and other issues that may arise as a result of your gangway experiencing a buildup of snow, those in charge of the connected property should consider Gangway Snow Removal from Snow Pushers. 

At Snow Pushers, we’ve been providing gangway snow removal for owners and occupants for years. Gangway snow removal is one of our most commonly performed services. 

Why? The answer is simple – many Chicagoans have better things to do than spending hours cleaning snow from a gangway that they may rarely, or even never enter. Unfortunately, cleaning these areas of snow buildup is something that must be done to keep your property in accordance with Chicago’s municipality code. Furthermore, if someone were to be injured from a winter slip and fall accident in a gangway associated with your property, it may result in a costly lawsuit for the person responsible for the gangway. 

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