Snow Removal Sidewalk Safety Tips

When the winter months start rolling in, it can be one of the most burdensome things you can deal with. But more so, it can also be one of the most dangerous things you can deal with. Sidewalk snow can pose as a hindrance to your daily routine and even to your well-being. For this reason, it must be removed efficiently as well as safely, to ensure you’re able to go about with your day. But if you’re not really sure how to properly remove snow safely, then continue reading below. Snow Pushers are experts in providing Chicago residents the snow removal they need and know how to safely carry out snow removal without any issues at all.

Snow Removal Sidewalk Safety Tips

Wear The Proper Clothing

Snow is caused by cold temperatures. For this reason, you should always wear the proper clothing to ensure you don’t succumb to hypothermia. When removing snow, you should wear:

  • Breathable but thick layers of clothing (wear clothing made out of cotton and silk as opposed to wool)
  • Waterproof boots that have traction
  • Thick, warm socks
  • A head covering to prevent loss of body heat
  • Mittens or gloves in order to protect your hands and fingers

Wearing such clothing doesn’t only protect you from the cold, but also the safety hazards that snowfall can cause.

Stretch & Use The Proper Form

Sidewalk snow removal can be a very strenuous and back-breaking process. Moreover, because it takes place in the cold, it can also be a strain on your muscles. But when you stretch before removing the snow, you can actually warm up your body and prevent strains. Also, it helps that you perform the proper form when removing snow from your sidewalk.

As you’re shoveling snow, it’s important that you don’t lift. Instead of lifting, push the snow out of the way. And if you do have to lift, squat down with your legs spread apart. Have your back straight and your heels grounded as you lift. And when you do lift, don’t even throw the snow to the side or behind you. This last step is important because you’ll want to be mindful of where you throw your snow away.

Go Outside as Soon as You Can & Take Breaks

If you’re able to, go outside right after snowfall occurs. Fresh powdery snow is much easier to remove as opposed to wet, compact snow. If you notice a few inches of accumulation outside, that’s usually a good indicator that the snow is fresh and ready to be removed.

And as you’re performing proper sidewalk snow removal, make sure to work slow and take breaks. Shoveling snow is exercise and it can raise your heart rate and blood pressure. Make sure to take a break every now and then to drink water and prevent exhaustion.

Make Sure to De-Ice!

Sidewalk snow removal doesn’t just stop at the snow. You should also make sure that you de-ice the sidewalk as well.

When you’re de-icing your sidewalk, rely on the use of specialty salt made to remove ice. Spread it evenly over your sidewalk and just simply shovel the ice away.

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