Landing Snow Removal

Stairway And Landing Snow Removal

Property owners in Chicago that have a landing, or a flat area before a set of stairs or in between stair sets, must ensure that snow buildup is removed in a timely manner. This is in accordance with Chicago Municipality codes that state that snow buildup in any public path or walkway must be removed. If your building has an outdoor landing, then this is considered a public path or walkway. If you’re a property or business owner, or even a tenant or lessee, this responsibility falls on your lap. In the code regarding snow removal, any occupant of the building, or owner if the building is not occupied, is responsible for landing snow removal. 

Snow build up on a landing can be hazardous to the general public and occupants alike. Without realizing it’s depth, occupants can easily slip, fall, and hurt themselves as a result of snow build upon the landing. 

Don’t Waste Time With Snow Removal, Snow Pushers Will Handle It

Landing snow removal can be a real-time sink for occupants that have to go on with their busy day. Not only does snow removal take time away from the day, but it also must be done routinely if not properly managed. That’s where Snow Pushers comes in. Our team of expert snow removers will not only remove the snow from your landing but will also work to ensure that it doesn’t build up as severely as it was when our services were requested. This management is accomplished through methodical placement of salt that will melt the snow as it falls. In turn, the snow will not be a hazard to the general public or occupants. 

At Snow Pushers, we’ve been performing landing snow removal for years, and this winter is no different. We’d love to assist you in not only removing landing snow build-up but managing so it doesn’t happen as often in the future. Want to learn more about our landing snow removal services in Chicago? Give us a call at (773) 299-9203 or request a quote online.